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        China, the land of legends, architectural wonders and diverse landscapes, is a country with one of the world’s longest histories. Over the centuries it has produced cultural masterpieces that have fascinated the rest of the world. Today, major cities like Shanghai and Beijing are undergoing monumental social and economic transformations, ushering in new prosperity. In contrast, the tranquility of monasteries in Tibet, the drama and magnificence of the terracotta warriors in Xian, and the unique beauty of the peaks and grottos of Guilin will remain forever breathtaking.

        Best China Tour, incorporated in the state of Illinois, is a leading tour operator for luxury and educational travel to China and Tibet. Our 20+ years of experience, direct operation in China and Tibet, strategic partnership with the China travel industry, and our talented and highly knowledgeable guides enable us to continually deliver the best customer satisfaction. Our clients include distinguished universities and academic institutions, A-list museums of art, Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, private clubs and individual adventurers. Clients’ list is available upon request.

        Two thousand years ago, when a Chinese philosopher promenaded in a garden with a king, the philosopher looked at fish in pond and spoke to the king,” Your majesty, look, how joyful are those fish?” The king replied, “You are not a fish, how do you know if those fish are joyful?” The philosopher answered, “But, your majesty, you are not me, so how do you know that I don’t know the fish are joyful?”

        Come and join your family and friends on this extraordinary journey as you learn, share and are inspired!

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Mu Lin
Best China Tour

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